ZTE nubia Z17 mini will be expanded to Europe, India and other markets

ZTE’s sub-brand Nubia just yesterday released its latest smartphone the Z17 Mini. This smartphone is produced with dual rear cameras, 6GB RAM, along with some other remarkable features. While the handset is available for order in China on April 13, ZTE might do something different to alter its sale strategy this time.

It can be seen that among ZTE’s produced devices, only a few of them have been introduced and sold in markets other than China. Nevertheless, this time, with Z17 Mini, the company plans to expand their product to a larger scale. The new strategy is considered to break its traditional sale pattern but it definitely has to promote the company’s reputation. Specifically, the phone will be available to purchase in Europe, India together with other countries in sometime late of May.

Although there is not detailed information, users who don’t live in China or are not familiar with this brand then the metal-clad body of Nubia Z17 will probably impress them.

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Concerning price, the international price has not been revealed yet. Meanwhile, in China Z17 mini will cost CNY 1,699 which is €232 or INR 15,842 approximately. Then you should notice that the Chinese price will never be 100% the same as other currencies especially when the smartphone device is brought beyond its main market. Basically, the price will be different, depending on the country. As a result, it would not be a surprise if this Nubia Z17 mini is worth €249 or even €299 when it becomes available in Europe.

Generally, the decision of making the new Nubia Z17 Mini available in various countries is certainly a good news for several consumers outside China. This device along with its impressive features and the new sale method of the company will promisingly broaden its prevalence in other markets.

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